Saturday, January 24, 2009

24 of 365 memories....Tinkerbell wanna a be.

This past week has been a little nutty in our house. I don't know whats worse, when Brian is out of town for work? Or when he is in town and is working so much that it seems like he is out of town?

This morning my daughter was very excited to see her daddy, when she opened her big beautiful marble colored eye balls.

What do you want to do dad?

Do you want to wear my Tinkerbell sunglasses and play tic tac toe?

Of course that's what he woke up this morning saying!!

And so they did.

Might I add I think the purple shades are rocking on him :)

There is nothing sexy to me, than a man being a daddy......

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Denise said...

And what a great daddy he is-- my fellow blog roll friend!