Thursday, January 29, 2009

My life, insert laugh track here......

In all of my attempts to finish packing for our crazy weekend that we are headed too, I am without a doubt FAILING!!

This morning started off really well. I was in and out of the shower in record time, to only realize as I was lotioning myself up that I had only shaved one leg. If I was going any where else other than Louisiana it would not matter because it is JANUARY. But the weather there will probably be exposing parts of me that have been hiding covered since October.

I got the oldest child up, fed, located all devices he will be needing for his 8 hour journey this afternoon and out of the door for the bus. (ONE DOWN- TWO MORE TO GO)

I got the other 2 up, fed, located all their devices and of course Ms. Princess parade's array of animals, crafts that she has made for everyone (including my girlfriend Stacey's dog), pillows and of course her CHAPSTICK! Lord help me if we forget her FAVORITE chapstick. Got them out to the bus and then...........................


I started more laundry, I made some coffee, I came downstairs to pay bills (which is a joke because I haven't been able to access my online banking in days, so I'm doing things the old fashioned way. And Lord help me if I have to press 1 for English or press * 2 8 A if I want to talk to a PERSON again I can promise you some one will get hurt!

Packing, did I mention anything about packing??

Nope, not a one.

And now what am I doing, checking emails, bitching blogging to you all.

We leave in less than 4 hours and to say I am half way finished would be, where we can insert the laugh track.

I will get there, I always do.

And then from this afternoon until Sunday morning, we will be making memories Louisiana style. 16 hours of driving and lots of fun in between

On Friday we will get to love on, smell and hold my girlfriends freshly birthed baby.

On Saturday we will celebrate my nephew's first birthday!! Yes, Cody is already one. Do you all remember this?? Oh be still my heart!!

On Sunday we will get to celebrate my mommas birthday in the morning and then head on back to Georgia.

And of course we will be EATING in between all the fun.

Fast and Furious to say the least but oh so worth it to be with my people :)


I'm just me... said...

Sounds like fun! Have a great time and drive carefully!!

Denise said...

You have a fantastic time!!! Eat lots for me too!

Kristin said...

I missed this post last night. Love it!! I hope you have a wonderful trip....even with the driving. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Be safe, have fun, ENJOY!!

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

I hope you had a great time! It's good to find another Ga girl around here. I'm from Ga too!
Hugs, sandy