Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thanks for the add

Yesterday I told Brian about this new blogging site that I joined.....Mom Bloggers Club.

I have gotten some very nice welcome to the site emails and I have already found a few blogs that I LOVE!!!

Anyway, as I was telling him about the site he said, oh I haven't checked your blog in awhile.

A few months ago while he was on his computer he announced to me that he had officially added me to his bookmarks.

Like was I suppose to be excited about this revelation??

I said oh thanks honey (with a smile on my face, the whole time thinking) not like its going to matter. He doesn't get the blog thing. Well he has come a long way from this conversation but still I don't think he understands that this silly little thing (his words) really is important to me.

As our conversation was going on, Brian pulled up the blog on his laptop. The first picture that popped up was of me holding my nephew Cody.
"Man your hair was long" Brian and Jakob say!!
Then my wonderfully polite son says, "man mom you looked like you had a wig on! "

Thanks son, that's just what I wanted to hear.....

So all was agreed that mom's hair is cuter and much less like a wig, when it is short and sassy.....

Next was Jakob finding his pictures and asking why I posted THOSE particular pictures?

Because there some of MY favorite pictures from this year.

But why??

Dear Lord, I think I liked it better when he was calling me a wig head!!!

So I tried to explain to him why....

All the while Brian was scanning reading and acting like he was interested in what he was scanning reading.

To his defense he did at least stop in the middle of his scan reading and ask me a question about something or make a grunt every now and again :)

He is making BABY STEPS.....

So my conclusion after that conversation was.....

  • short hair is good.

  • trying to explain to a 9 year old why you take pictures of the them while there walking is something that I really need to be intoxicated for.

  • and last but not least, my husband is maybe slowly but surely getting it (the blog) just a little bit!

Does your family or husband enjoy your blog?

Please someone tell me yours is as bad as mine, even if you have to lie :)


Lindsey's mom said...

My husband never looks at mine..of course he is out of town on the road a lot but even when he is home..I have to show things to him. So you are not alone.

I'm just me... said...

I told my hubbs that I have a blog. He wanted to know what a blog was and what I could possibly have to write about. Thanks hubbs!