Saturday, February 14, 2009

44 of 365 memories.....daddy's Valentine's

I always try and do something different for Brian for Valentine's Day. I mean lets face it, it really isn't meant for guys. Flowers, mushy love cards, heart shaped balloons with accordion style legs hanging off of them. None of these are what my husband would really like. A new fishing pole attached to a new boat, hooked up to a new truck to pull it. Now that would be his kind of present. Oh yeah and don't forget the time off of work to use it!!

Well since my bank account would of laughed at me if I would of tried the top options, I decided pictures of our children would make him just as happy :)

Honestly, I'm not a horrible wife. He wanted new pictures of the kids for his desk at work. And we don't do gifts on Valentine's. A card is normally our thing, but this year we wrote letters to each other. I know its kind of sappy and silly but I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF WHAT HE WROTE!!

I reused Brian's old frames and filled them with 5 brand new pictures. The top pictures we put in a side by side frame and they look so cute!!

The kids had fun taking some new pictures for their daddy (really I'm not making that up :) And I'm glad that my husband is proud to show off his family!!


Elizabeth said...

That is so precious. What a wonderful memory for Brian.

I'm just me... said...

This is so sweet! I tried taking pics of Tink holding notes like those for her first Valentine's Day. I ended up with pics of her eating the papers. I'll have to try it again now that she's old enough not to eat everything I put in her hand.