Wednesday, February 18, 2009

48 of 365 memories.....bubbles bubbles everywhere

I am always amazed at the power of certain items. Take a bottle of bubbles. They can make a child smile from ear to ear without them even knowing that their doing it. Yesterday Hannah came back from a play date and both of her brothers had a friend over. She really wanted to play with the big guys but they were playing with the Air Soft Guns and so you know the drill after that.....

Little beautiful girl is sad.

Momma with the HUGE sinus headache, doesn't want to see or hear the little beautiful girl (who looks like she doesn't own a brush in this picture :) upset.

So we find the every powerful bottle of bubbles.

And before we knew it the big too cool for bubbles boys were wanting to join in on our fun!

Sorry guys, this bottle is taken :)

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Elizabeth said...

That is so funny. My brothers were just like that. They were way too cool for me, until I had something that looked like it was cooler than what they had!