Monday, February 16, 2009

47 of 365 memories....lunch room bites!!

Last Thursday I helped do centers in Hannah's class. I haven't been in her class since right after the holidays, so she has been itching for me to come and help. Usually I can sneak out early enough before its lunch time. This day there was no such luck. We ran behind doing all of our activities and before I knew it, they were getting ready to line up for lunch.

Oh course as soon as they start to get there lunch boxes and get into line my daughter asks, mom your staying for lunch, RIGHT?? (did I really have a choice??) Oh course I am but mommas not going to eat. But mom its baked chicken nuggets you have to eat them there MY FAVORITE!! So I thought for a quick second and remembered that I had Tums in my purse, so SURE I'd love to eat bits and pieces of god knows what chicken nuggets.
(Funny little story, as I was taking pictures of Hannah and her friends she told them all, this is going to be on OUR blog, don't worry my mom will give you the link!! Man where has she heard those words from??)

SHHHH!! Quiet in the halls, yeah good luck with that Hannah.

The child is even beautiful when she has an orange lodged in her mouth!

me and my girl!!


Kristin said...

You ate in the lunch room??? Wow, I haven't done that in five years----and I work in the school!!!

What a good mom. I hated (detested) going to lunch with my kids. When I did go, I just sat and visited. Never ate. High five to you. :-)


Those chix nuggets aren't too bad. That is the only day Chloe likes to eat lunch at school.

We need to get the girls together this week.

Elizabeth said...

Hey, you're on my blog right now! Just got an email that you wrote a comment!

Taking a lunch break here!

The one day I had lunch with Sam, they served Chicken a la King. It was not chicken and it certainly wasn't regal.

You're such a great mom. Look at what a wonderful daughter she is!!(all because of you)