Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Please forgive me Organic God, for I have sinned....

Being raised Catholic we were taught to always confess your sins.

You talked bad about someone, you've got to confess it. You yelled at your momma, you need to confess it. You killed your neighbors dog, you get the idea!

When I do something wrong or have engaged in illegal activities I always think about confession and how I'm going to word it to the priest before I get there.... (I'm hoping you all find the humor in those words and don't take them literally:)

This weekend as I was consuming hundreds and I do mean THOUSANDS of not so good for me calories I started thinking, who do I need to confess these horrors too?

Is there an Organic God up there, that is shaking his lightning rod or worse yet, is holding a head of Organic broccoli over me and just waiting to lower the boom!

Well yes apparently there is such a person and they live in the pit of my stomach.
Sunday evening and Monday, I loved off of Tums and Pepto.

My belly was a bubbling.

Eating like crap has never worked for my body. And until I started eating fairly well did I understand some of the problems I was having.

Monday I started back to my normal routine and my body and belly have be singing the Amen praises ever since.

I'm not saying that when I return to Louisiana in 3 weeks I won't engage in these same sinful things again. But maybe next time I will throw in some steamed Organic broccoli just for good luck!


Elizabeth said...

You are too funny!

Hope you enjoyed EVERY bite.

Sharon said...

Louisiana and healthy food don't belong in the same sentence. I have eaten at some pretty good places around the world and there's nothing better than South Louisiana food - charbroiled oysters, crawfish bisque, anything fried, etc., etc., etc.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Very funny (though not for your tummy!)...
I came over from Kristen's blog and really enjoy your blog so I signed up to be a follower.
Nice to meet you...

Kristin said...

Ooo, I want to hear more about the illegal activities which required confession.

You are a better Catholic than I. I haven't been to confession in a long time. But I do try and get to Mass-----as long as Anna Grace cooperates.

So glad you had a good trip!!! Even with the other (ahem) issues. :-)