Tuesday, March 10, 2009

68 of 365 memories....taking it all in.

Whenever the kids and I have a break from school, it always starts off sweet as pie. And usually by the end of it, some kids have a few battle scars and mom always has a few more gray hairs :)
I love being home with my kids. I could not imagine doing anything more important than what I do. The 3rd week in February our school had Winter Break. My husband was out of town for most of that week, so it was pretty much me and the kids AGAINST THE WORLD, or at least Woodstock!! We of course had some fighting and high drama. But then we had some days that were

Who knew a day at the salon with mom could be so much to smile about!!

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Elizabeth said...

Your kids are so beautiful.

They will love each other fiercely the rest of their lives.