Tuesday, March 10, 2009

69 of 365 memories...wiping away the cob webs!!

Today I have been trying to get some MUCH needed cleaning done around my house.
Why do I feel like I have told you all this before??
Just a mere 5 years ago, my husband and our 3 wonderfully delicious children lived in our "starter home". Our house was a whopping 1000 sq. feet and I would DREAM about the day when I would have a bigger house. As I have learned throughout the years, be careful what you wish for :)
Bigger means more dust, more toilets and more crap things to put in places.
Anyway today as I was trying to clean out some closets and some drawers, I found some pictures and a note that I had written to myself when Brian and I were flying to New Orleans a few weeks ago. The note said "don't forgot about the pictures on your phone". And guess what, I had forgotten about the pictures on my phone!! So these last couple of posts were those pictures. There from the 3rd week of February. The only 2 days we ventured out of our house were the last 2 days of the break.
(one being the day my son broke his arm!!)
These pictures were one's that Alex (my 13 year old) took.
Please look away from the beverage cups. We hit Taco Bell on the way to the hair salon. If you try and black mail me with these, I will find you and HUNT YOU DOWN!!
FYI: my husband works for Coca cola!!
But we all need a bean burrito fix every now and again :)
who me, no I'm not at Taco Bell:)
no not me either!!
remember we WILL find you!! My pawpaw has PEOPLE!!

They will never be able to prove that it was me mom!!
(I'm sure the LSU colored rubber bands don't give them any information!!)


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Very fun! And I won't hold the drinks against you...sometimes a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do!

I'm a Coke girl myself. Can I talk to your hubby about getting Coke Zero in more restaurants?

Denise said...

Don't worry, I'll support your husband family with my DIET COKE addiction. Diet Pepsi? I'd rather drink water. Or sweet tea. ;>)

Elizabeth said...

You are so funny.

Have you ever looked into the kitchen of a Taco Bell? Sam did once and said, "Mom, they're shooting stuff into taco shells with guns." Sure enough, they were.

(Quit Coke cold turkey 2 years ago. But, I still enjoy it occasionally as a treat. It RULES over Pepsi.)