Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just A Little Piece....

Last week my son Jakob came home and said, "mom do you want to take the man test??"

Son, do I look like I want to take the man test??

Yes, you do!!

What is the man test?

Well today I asked my friend Hayes if he wanted to take the man test and he said yes and HE DID IT!!
So do you want to take it??

(me taking a deep breath and counting to 3) Son, FOR THE LOVE OF CHEESECAKE, what is the man test??

OK, the man test is....take you nose and put it right into my cast and breathe in as hard as you can....

Jakob, you had your FRIEND do this?


And he is still your FRIEND??

so mom do you want to do it??

No thanks, but I'm sure your father will be home any minute and he would LOVE to do it :)


Denise said...

Oh my goodness!!! So you're not a man, huh? I guess you'll have to live with the shame. LOL Tell Jakob that I'll take the man test! LOL!!!!

Elizabeth said...

The Man Test! I'm dying here. That is so funny.

(If you vacuum a cast it helps with the, um, scent)

Too bad they don't make like Carpet Fresh for casts! (there's our million dollar idea.)


That is just gross....I remember how stinky Cam's cast use to get. Wow!