Thursday, March 5, 2009

Colors Colors Everywhere.....

I have always known that I wanted a big family. When my husband and I would talk about how many kids we wanted, his answer was always 2, mine was 4. We met in the middle :)

Before I got pregnant with my second son I had a Partial Molar pregnancy. I was told that these pregnancies were so rare, especially at my age (at the time I was 22, yes I was a baby!) I had a better shot at winning the lottery. When you have one of these pregnancies you are told that what you have in your EVER SO GROWING BELLY is not a baby. I remember sitting on the exam table thinking, tell that to my heart.

Well in fact if you read the link I have up there you will see that it wasn't a baby, it was a mass. A dangerous mass that back in the day most women died from because it becomes a tumor and starts to spread through your body like wild fire.
After my DNC I had to have blood tests taken ever other week for 6 months to make sure that I was tumor cell free...which I was, THANK GOD!

After my 6 months of clean bills of health we were told we could start to try having another baby. On my very last visit to oncologist my levels were raised ever so slightly, my doctor came in and said "is there any chance you could be pregnant?" :)

And yes ma'am I was!!

My pregnancy with Jakob was not easy. The last 3 months I was in and out of the hospital because of low amniotic fluid. We were told twice that he was going to have to be delivered 2 months early, I went through steroid shots to help his lungs develop in case of an emergency C- section. Those shots were HORRIBLE, not only did they hurt like heck but they would give me a Jennifer Lopez butt only on one side. Thank goodness I was bed ridden, people would of thought that I had a defective butt job.....

For the last few weeks of my pregnancy we were being prepared to take home a very small and possibly sick newborn. Being that the levels were at half there normal numbers, we were told that he would be a small baby. My due date was Thursday, March 11th, 1999. I was induced on Friday March 12th.
The baby boy that Brian and I had fought so hard to carry to full term and had prayed for so long that would make it to this day, was born that afternoon and weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce.
I remember thinking when I was taking that last push, we can do this little man, me and you , we CAN DO THIS!

He was and still is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. He looked like he was 3 months old when he was born. The moment they laid that child on my chest I knew that he was going to be a mommas boy.
He and I had nice long talks when I was laying around for 3 months doing NOTHING....I told him that when he was born I was going to sing to him and teach him how to dance and of course cook.
I remember one afternoon Alex and I were reading a book and Alex had his head resting on my belly and Jakob was just kicking away. Alex JUST KNEW that the book we were reading was "his babies" favorite. After Jakob was born Alex always wanted me to read "Colors Colors Everywhere" to the baby "because momma that he's favorite one". (Man I miss that little chipmunk voice Alex had)

Next week my baby boy is entering a new part of his life....DOUBLE DIGITS....DUN DUN DUN!!

Everything that I promised that boy while he was growing inside of me, I have done. We sing (much to the horror of my husband and older son :) all the time. We dance even when there is no music and well seriously, do I need to tell you about OUR Red Beans!!
And yes he is a VERY PROUD member of the mommas boy club :)

Don't think that I have forgotten about my little missy moo moo, her story is coming......DUN DUN DUN!!


Denise said...

That is so sweet, yet it must have been so scary. Thank goodness you both were okay!


I don't think I knew that story. I'm so thankful all is well and for your precious Jakob! Happy birthday to him next week.

Oh and for Hannah's birthday...her and Chloe have it all planned out!

Kristin said...

Very sweet story...double digits, whoo hoo!

I wanted four kids too; my husband wanted two. We agreed on three. After I gave birth to my son, I agreed two was fine. :-)

Until we adopted our little ones. So I have the four I wanted but didn't have to go through two more deliveries. Yea!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Heidi. You opened your heart and out came wonderful! I love this post.

Of course, I'm crying.

You, my blog sister, are so amazing.

(Not sure if you know this, but in my pre-mom life, I was an OB/GYN RN.)