Monday, March 2, 2009

61 of 365 AWWW moment!

Out of my 3 children these 2 little blonde headed beauties have the hardest time getting along. She never does anything right and he is always doing something wrong. But sometimes, the whining stops long enough for them to really appreciate each other.
For any mother in the world you know that we have those moments in the day, that we think, oh now I know why they sell travel size tissue packs :)
This was mine today.......
And for the record, yes they are climbing on top of the beast, yes I know that my son already has a broken arm and he could easily slip off and brake something else, but really the bones will heal:), the simple fact that he invited his sister up there with him is the only reason he didn't get in trouble for doing it)
I've been doing this parenting thing a long time now, I've learned to pick my battles people!!



Doesn't that just do your heart good????:)

Denise said...

My kids fight off and on, especially Ross and Julia. But those rare occasions when they get along, or even DO something together-- stop the presses!

Elizabeth said...

Your daughter is glowing in that shot, like she has a halo! (File that away for a day when she's not so angelic!)

That is adorable.

My brothers still proudly show their scars on their arms from when they called me radioactive. "Am not!" (scratch with my sparkly nails!) I didn't know what radioactive meant, but I knew it was horrible!