Monday, March 2, 2009


Warning: at some point this post will probably be a ranting venting mess.
I'm apologizing ahead of time :)

I'm finally getting caught up after being out of town last weekend. I can see the floor of my laundry room again and it is still ugly, but at least I can see it, if only for a few hours anyway. I've sorted through all the mail and most importantly I've almost caught up on all my favorite blogs.

When I was catching up on one of my favorites today, I read a post that mad me a little pissed angry.

Can someone PLEASE for the love of cheesecake, explain to me how a person can leave nasty or negative comments on another person's blog??

If you don't like the person or you don't think there a nice person. Or if you think they are not who they are portraying themselves to be, why not JUST STOP READING THEIR BLOG.....yes I know I am a flipping genius :)

A few months ago I was on another popular blog and she talked about some negative comments she had received, about her weight, her religion and her life. The author of this blog that I'm speaking about has gotten a huge following since her sisters near fatal plane crash. She took over her sisters children and her blog. Her hopes with continuing the blog was that if, when her sister awoke from her coma, she could one day go back and see what her children had been doing all that time. Now what part of these sounds like the girl needed any negativity AT ALL??!!

The author of the blog that I caught up on today, lost her daughter last year. She started her blog right after she found out that her 4th daughter (that she was pregnant with) would not live past her birth. This woman has amazing writing skills and has poured out her heart and soul to the blogging world. Her husband sings for a famous Christian group.
Does she live a very nice life? Yes.
But who are we to judge that?
She has recently gotten a book deal to write her daughters story.
How would anyone question that?
Or even better WHY do you question that?

Why does this make me mad?

I think for so many of us, our blogs have become so much more than we ever thought. I started this thing thinking, I'll post some pictures of my kids and tell some of our stories so that our family and friends can read them. And that's it.
And then one day I started looking around at other blogs and realized oh my word there is a whole world out here.

I went back on some of the posts I had saved and never thought I'd share and I published them.
I started to join some groups and then I started talking to other bloggers.
Women that were like me in some way, no matter how small.

People that blog, no matter how small or large our blogs are, we enjoy sharing our stories.
Some people are little better at it than others.
Some people are beautiful story tellers.

And know matter how anyone else feels about that blogger, it is THEIR story. The good, the bad and the ugly.

This 2 woman that I have spoken about are both authors. They are beautiful story tellers. Some where along their way in life, either motherhood or just life in general it had pushed them off of their path.

Their tragedy's have in someways, shown them their talents again. Put them back on that creative path they lost.

And who are the people that leave this nonsense for these women to read?

I believe (and remember I am a flipping genius :) they are the ones that can't tell their own story.
They are jealous or are just in need of a really good ass whooping therapy session.
What ever their reasons they have tried to steal a little bit of these talented ladies thunder.
And in their writings, these ladies have come out victorious.
Neither one of these ladies read my little blog and they will never know that they have a little silent army of blogging women that "got their backs".

But we do and were not afraid to use our laptops to prove it!!! (Or in my case, my husbands)


Denise said...

Heidi, I know the first blog you wrote about, but not the second. Could you send me the link?

I am amazed that after everything I have written, that I haven't gotten any negative or hateful emails or comments. I think its only a matter of time.

I think you might be right about the jealousy. I also think these people are very judgmental, you know the type. They look for fault in other people and the anonymity of the internet allows them to leave a public trail of hate. I can guarantee that they have left hateful comments somewhere else.

Elizabeth said...

What you put out in the world, will come back to you one thousand times more...

(I got stink bombed when you were out of town. So, now I moderate my comments. Creeps. They're very brave when they are anonymous. We all know, though, that they live small, bitter lives.)