Friday, March 27, 2009

Darn you South beach!

I feel as though I should apologize before I even start.

Between the allergy medicine, the pound of cantaloupe I ate and my sweet tea, I AM BUZZING........

Last August my husband and I went to Miami for the weekend for a Vitamin Water party. If you want to read about it again you can go here and then work your way up. There are like 10 posts total from that trip, YES we had that much fun!!

Anyway, one evening while we were walking around South Beach, they has this BEAUTIFUL Latino woman walking in front of us. She had on the cutest pair of jeans.
Now let me be honest and say that at first, me and Stephanie (my partner in crime that weekend:) thought , this girl is crazy.
It is like 510 degrees here, why in the world is home girl wearing jeans?

Have you been to South Beach, in late July early August?

You know those welcome signs you see when your leaving the airport?

Well the one at Miami International should read, WELCOME TO MIAMI, better known as HELL.
And these words are coming from a Louisiana girl, I'm used to hot and sticky, but this was, it was, the only words I have are, I now know why the people are always almost naked there.

Anyway, so do you see why I was fascinated by these little chick in front of me with the jeans on. Now granted she had on what appeared to be a portion of a shirt, so maybe that was how she kept cool.

I could see the waste band on the jeans, you know because she was topless and all.
And there was a little Buddha looking guy on her jeans.

After the trip I looked on line for the jeans with the little fat man on them.

Isn't google amazing??

Put in, designer jeans and Buddha. And WHAM O, True Religion pops up.

I looked at a few sights, and found the pair that I had seen on the South Beach babe.

And then I saw the price tag.......239.00 dollars!!
Unless the jeans are going to turn me into that South Beach babe, I'm thinking NO!!

And I was done with it.

Well at least I WAS done with it until 2 weeks ago when I was shopping at my favorite place, T.J. Maxx.

Guessy whaty I foundy on the racky?? (Oh spell check is going to go crazy with that line :)

MY JEANS, 3 pairs of them!!

And guess for how much??

99.00 dollars :(

That still was a crazy amount of money for a pair of jeans.

I knew that I needed to take the kids shopping for summer stuff and new bathing suits.
So they were once again, not going to be mine.

I told some of the girls at work about them the next day.

Why didn't you get them, they asked??

and why didn't I get them, I thought!!??

I didn't have a reason.

Wednesday I made my bi weekly trip to T. J. Maxx.

And guess what, 1 pair was left in my size.

I thought, really should I?

Could I?

On a house and with a mouse, I do I do like green eggs and ham, sorry Hannah has been reading Dr. Seuss for her book report and maybe I like the stories just a little bit to much!

So I did!!

I did, I bought them!

I brought them home.

I tried them on, I walked around my bathroom in them, topless of course :)

I LOVE them!

And then I took them off and looked at the price tag again.

100.00 dollars for 1 pair of jeans.

Not a purse or a pair of shoes (yes because in my mind, handbags and shoes can be purchased at that price)

So, I sat there and I did what I do in any sticky situation I have.
I call my girls for back up.

Lena said, do they make your butt look good?

Well actually, yeah they do.

Then keep them, she says!!

Carol came over and looked at them and said, OOOO these are CUTE! Keep them!

And y'all they are cute!!

But yesterday, I went back to T.J. Maxx and returned them.

As I was crying bidding them a final farewell to the clerk, I thought about that Miami beach babe. And wondered if she had such a moral dilemma with her purchase as I had had.

My guess was no, because I can promise you that if those jeans would of made my behind look like hers, I'd be sitting here typing to you all in them right now.

I am cheap, but I'm not stupid.....

You can't buy a butt lift for a hundred dollars this days.
Not that I have looked into them or anything :)


The Dinsmores said...

I would have so kept those jeans! You deserve it....hurry go back and get them!

Mel said...

We should probably never discuss the amount of money I spend on is better that way.
My closet would horrify you!


But they all make my butt look good :)

DeFusco said...

Get the fucking jeans, and shop at wal mart for food instead of Whole Foods. The kids won't die.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'm cheap too but a good pair of jean are hard to come by. And I've paid a hundred for a pair before (but I also have a ton that are $25) but I'd never pay that much for shoes. Mostly I own flip flops at $15 a piece. Funny how we value different things, huh?

I'm just me... said...

I totally feel guilty anytime I buy myself something. I usually opt for the $25. Levis and my 2 for $5. Old Navy flip flops. I am so cheap when it comes to buying myself clothes right now. Maybe when I loose these 10lbs I will think about a nice pair of jeans :)

Elizabeth said...

You are too much.

That last laugh made me sneeze and laugh at the same time! (damn cold)

Check ebay. You just might find them!

(Someday, this self sacrifice will be one of the reasons you are sainted. I just know it)