Monday, March 23, 2009

Really? Is it just me?

This weekend Alex went to his first boy girl party. DUN DUN DUN.....

We took him shopping Saturday to get a new pair of jeans and a shirt. You know a NEW shirt that LOOKS old.
Come on people its the the style.
On this journey of parenting Alex and I have gotten to the everyday seems to be "a first".

A few months ago he went to his "first" dance.
He had his "first" girlfriend breakup with him.

Well Saturday as we shopped for him, we had another "first".

Men's clothes.

Yes, you heard me, men's clothes.

He no longer fits in "boys" sizes.

The last pair of jeans I bought him were 16's!!

16's?? (Pausing for my friend, Mr. brown paper bag, deep breaths in)

We had to buy a men's small shirt.

Really, am I ready to shop for my 13 year old in the same section as my husband??

I am, kicking and screaming not making it a big deal.

It's all apart of life, RIGHT??

He had a great time at the party.

Brian and I had a party to go to for his work that night and the kids slept at my in laws. They picked him up from the party. He called me after and told me all the details about the party. (He has a crush on the birthday girl. She already has a boyfriend)

Yesterday after we picked the kids up, he went right into, let me tell you EVERYTHING, mom.

So I listened and listened and was so grateful for his enthusiasm to tell me all about his fun.

His shirts that we picked out looked so good on him I went back today to Target to get him a few more colors.

I first stopped in Dress Barn, Brian and I are going to Vegas in 2 weeks for the Country Music awards and I went looking for an inexpensive dress. I received two 20% off coupons from them and was very excited to use them. I found a dress and 2 Las VegasE type shirts. I went to check out coupons in hand, only to hear that the coupons don't start until Wednesday. The super nice sales lady that was helping me said she would put them on hold for me until Wednesday. She helped me for almost 45 minutes. She zipped me, hoisted me, she dried my eyes when I couldn't fit in the dress I really wanted and helped me find a nice dress for a cheap good price.
So Wednesday after work I will head back and retrieve my goodies.

After that ordeal I headed to Target to get my boy, oh excuse me my men's small, some more shirts.
First I stopped to potty and another "first" happened. A woman flung open the stall door on me. Apparently the lock didn't work and I briefly and not very attractively exposed all my groceries to this woman. She stood there apologizing over and over and then FINALLY closed the door. And as she sat in the stall next to me, continued to apologize OVER and OVER.
I finally said, girl I have birthed 3 babies, I have no more shame in my game. My groceries have been seen by more people than I care to count.
She didn't say sorry anymore, she just laughed uncontrollably.
I was hoping she was laughing because I was just so FUNNY. But really I'm thinking she was recalling that she just opened the door while a strange woman was wiping her VA JAY JAY.

I gathered up my groceries :) and went on my way to buy some more shirts.

As I was leaving the store, I had to laugh at my afternoon and all the "firsts" that happened in the last few days.

I went to a business party with my husband and REALLY enjoyed it. ( I HATE those types of things)

My son went to and REALLY enjoyed his first co ed party.

I exposed all my STUFF to a stranger.

I do have two more activities with the kids this evening.
I'll keep you posted on any new "firsts" that pop up!!


Kristin said...

I'm sorry....but that is hysterical!

Oh, and welcome to teenage boy-hood. We've been in the adult section for a while now. :-)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I love that you call them your groceries...I'm going to have to remember that!

And I love that your son gave you the sweet! It sounds like you two have a very special realtionship...

Denise said...

That was hilarious!!! You crack me up! We would have so much fun in real life person!

I'm just me... said...

Seriously, that is hilarious! Not the shopping in the men's section part, that is sad for a mom I'm sure. The lady in the bathroom part, totally cracked me up. Poor thing. I've been walked in on before, it's emabrassing.

Elizabeth said...

(You made me spit coffee all over the keyboard!)

First, are you accepting an award? Going to the CMAs!! How exciting.

Second, yes, it is time to venture into the men's department. It's such an awkward time isn't it? Still want to "play", but have to be cool too.

What a sign of a great mom that he wants to talk to you!

Third, your groceries? Now, that's a new one for this OB/GYN RN! We did a search a word at my baby shower with all the words women had used in our clinic for their girl parts. And that one wasn't on it! LOVE IT!

You're such a great writer.