Tuesday, April 7, 2009

95 of 365 memories....snow and noise, 2 of my most favorite things. WHO KNEW!!

My hubby and I flew back home yesterday evening from our Vegas trip.

Our trip was WONDERFULLY AMAZING in so many ways.

It's fun to be a couple again.

I feel like in the last few years we have rediscovered how to be "just a couple" sometimes.

And I have learned that it is OK to just be a wife sometimes.

And apparently were really good at it!


I have about 200 pictures to sort through and I'm hoping to get some of them posted soon.
I was hoping that my post Vegas hangover would let its grip go off my brain....yeah I know, good luck with that :)

Too much of too much and too much of not enough......

Too much food, drinks, dancing on tables or maybe they were chairs, who knows, and good memory making, with our work peeps.

Not enough sleep, vitamins, fruit and money to lose at the Black Jack tables :)

When I was unpacking last night and giving the kids their little treats we picked up for them, they were bouncing off the walls with excitement.


I realized at that moment, how special my life really is....

I love to spend time alone with my husband and I want my kids to understand and appreciate that parents need "couple time".

And on the other side of that, my heart and brain need their noise, like I need my husbands love and air to breathe.

It all goes hand and hand.....

It's taken me this long to get this far, I can't wait to see what else is in store for my soul.

Oh yes, did I mention were on Spring Break and it's snowing right now??

Yes you heard me, April, Georgia and snow.

What you don't hear is the crackling of fire wood.
I went out yesterday to buy some and there's none to be found.

I'm sorry Mother Nature, did you ask me Why?

That would be because it's Spring time in the SOUTH!!

Sorry guys, someones screaming at someone else.

I need to go enjoy it break up that noise.

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Elizabeth said...

Wow you got me crying there. Great words about your husband. Beautiful.