Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh lord, bring on the caffeine! Day 1

Friday Brian and I landed in Vegas at about 4:00, our plane was delayed in Georgia. So we were about 45 minutes later than what we planned. Let's keep in mind that 4 o'clock Vegas time is 7 o' clock Georgia time. And June and Ward Clever over here, are normally in bed by 10 at the very latest.

So needless to say it was going to be A LONG NIGHT!

Our trip was hosted by two wonderful couples from Dr. Pepper.
(Just in case any of you ever read this) Angela & Chris and Mike & Michelle, thank you SO much, we had a blast. These trips mean more to us than you all will ever know!

We stayed at the MGM Grand

We went to the CMA's 2 years ago and stayed at the MGM then also. This hotel is BEAUTIFUL and HUGE. You could walk around all day long and never run out of things to see.

This was our view from our room. We faced out to the front of the hotel with a perfect view of the mountains. On the second day we were there Brian went running early in the morning and said they had snow on the very top of some of the mountains!!

The first night we were there, we saw The Beatles Cirque de Soleil show.

Brian and I have not seen one of the Cirque de Soleil shows since our 2nd wedding anniversary. The show was absolutely breathtaking. The acrobatics are amazing. These performers are just......WOW, they are truly from a muscle species that I have never and will never understand.

The show was a true cirque de soleil show set to some of The Beatles classic songs.
There of course was NO photography allowed in the show.

And there were armed ushers standing near, ready to confiscate any devices that had a flash. OK maybe they weren't armed but man those jackets were packing some kind of heat or maybe just some really bad shoulder pads.

At the end of the show they did this trick where this huge sheet is draped over the bottom rows of the audience as it spills down from these bed type thing that is so far in the air, I was nauseous just envisioning myself on it.
Well guess who had to walk down to hold the sheets? :)

If you guessed the shoulder pads gang, then you were right. So I snuck 2 pictures with my phone, much to the disliking of my husband, I know what else is new. (Hey I said we enjoyed being a couple. Not that we were any different when we were away from home :)

Simply Amazing!!

After the show we met up with the rest of our group that flew in later than us for some dinner, gambling and dancing.

Dancing where you might ask??

Well Studio 54 of course!

 We ended the first night ahead at the Black Jack tables. Too bad that's not the way we ended the trip :(

We were with some guys who were throwing down some serious cash. Us tight wides frugal people, were doing 10 dollar tables and that even killed us when we lost it! Our first night in Vegas ended at about 1 in the morning, 4 our time and man did the bags under my eyes show it!

I'm not a Toby Keith fan, but that song "I'm not as good as I once was". Kept playing in my head.

Are my AARP cards in the mail??

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Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time! You deserved it!

(Now, the Cirque show? So, if you sit in the floor section you get covered up by a giant sheet? That would freak me out! Hope it wasn't for long)

Was it Cirque that got the hula hoop out?