Thursday, April 9, 2009

98 of 365 memories.... the power of the pig!

Hannah is not a pleasant patient, EVER! when she goes to the doctor for her regular checkup, she needs to be medicated as soon as they put the ear thermometer in her presence. Nothing about what I just said is exaggerated, BELIEVE ME! She has never liked to be touched by people. Even as a baby. She went to the dentist last summer, yes LAST summer. Before you start to judge let me explain . When we went she was 5 1/2, she was so traumatized after I told Brian I was NEVER doing that again on my own because it was horrible. There were head butts, vomiting and Exorcist type voices involved and that was before we even entered the dentist chair. I have known for awhile that I had to bring her back to the dentist but I needed to mentally prepare myself build her confidence back up. My girlfriend Lena recommend her dentist and I have been happy with him for the last few months. So I decided to bring all the kids in this week since we are on Spring Break. Hannah has been very calm about it all week, which scared me beyond belief. Like it was the calm before the puking storm. The big day was today and I have to say, my little girl ROCKED! She was very proud of herself after. She brought her favorite pig along for support and the pig even got his teeth cleaned. The bad thing is she has a cavity, that needs to be filled. So were heading back on Wednesday. Something tells me I should wear something old and that is going to look good covered in bodily fluids :) I hope I'm wrong but 9 times out of 10 I'm not. Just ask my husband :) I'll keep you all posted!


Elizabeth said...

Sam is just like this.

It takes valium to get him to the dentist. And that's just for me.

We earn our keep, don't we?

The Campbells said...

OOh! Get me that Dentist's name, Grace is horrible at the dentist and we have to go back, just looking for one who is patient, kind and not too scary!