Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 2, well at least the day part!

Saturday Brian and I were both up bright and early. 6 am to be exact. Did I happen to mention we don't do well with time changes?
Saturday was a LONG, FUN day. We walked the Vegas strip for a couple of hours, then had a wonderful dinner to attend and then a pre Award show party.
I know I know its a hard life!

descends of the original MGM lion.

the Coke girls showing some love to the M&M man

Clark and Jen Walker

me and my hubby.

Apparently the Coke polar bear has a thing for bald heads, as do I!!

Todd and Mindy Galyon

Todd wasn't taking any chances!!


I love where they put the "SNIFF SNIFF"

meeting of the Coke minds, they were checking out all the product!

After we hit a few souvenir shops and had our way with the M&M man and the Polar Bear, the guys decided they wanted to do a little gambling. Our first stop was Planet Hollywood. As the girls and I did a little shopping our hubby's went off to win us some money. After we were done shopping we went on a search at the Black Jack tables for our husbands. We indeed found them at the Black Jack tables titled

the dealers were UMMMM, lets just say boobalious and their plastic surgeons would agree :)

Next we walked over to the Bellagio, the walk over there is BEAUTIFUL.

The Johnson's

The Galyon's

The Walker's

This was one of the ceilings as you entered the hotel, my picture does not do it justice.

The colors were screaming and absolutely beautiful!

So once again the guys gambled, no boobalious dealers here.

And the girls played dress up!
Jen looks fabulous in her Jester shades

Mindy looks voguealious in her cat mask shades

And me well I don't know what in the hell I had on, but Tammy Faye Baker sure does come to mind :)

And then of course we took a potty break and then took a picture about it.

Hey no judgements here we were 3 woman that have 9 kids between us and not 1 of them were there.

We were living on the EDGE!!!

Next we went to

By this point my husband and I weren't feeling the love from the tables, so Brian decided to hang out with the girls for awhile.

don't ask!!

aren't we cute!!

hey we were just following the Greek goddess lead!!

Another picture opt

some more of our sights.

and it wouldn't of been a full day if someone wasn't trying to save our souls!!

God luck with that, little bearded crazy man.


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said... looks like you had fun. I'm so jealous!

And it definitely looks like the three of you are become good partners in crime...opps, I mean friends.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh, and I'm drinking my daily Coke Zero as I read this! Great product!