Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thank God for little girls

When I did Jakob's birthday story I told you to hold on to your socks because my baby girls story was going to be coming.

Hannah Marie's birthday is on Sunday and she will be 7 years old.

My baby girl was delivered 11 days early, my doctor did not want her to be as big as Jakob was (9lb.2oz). She weighed in at a hefty 7 lb. 14 Oz., she actually weighed exactly as much as I did when I was born.

When Brian and I found out we were pregnant for her it was a pleasant surprise. The year before we became pregnant for Hannah we had had a rough spot in our marriage. We were figuring out as a couple, if we were growing apart or growing together. After many tears and soul searching we decided we were growing together, for better or worse.

That summer we took a beach trip with our boys and Brian's parents and we came home with a beautiful blessing.

My pregnancy went along really well, I was hospitalized twice for dehydration, yes I'm a puker!

I can take dehydration any day, after hearing preterm labor, underdeveloped lungs and steroid shots so many times with my last pregnancy.

Believe me, I was happy to be a puker.

The moment we found out we were having a girl, Brian and I #1 didn't believe them and b. thought, what in the world are we going to do with a girl! (Did I mention that I am the only girl out of 4 kids and Hannah was the first girl born on Brian's side of the family in 5 generations, yes 50 YEARS)

So to say that we were a little nervous about pink blankets and piggy tales would be an understatement.

From the moment she was born my daughter ( I still love the way that sounds, MY DAUGHTER) has been a blond headed, angel cheeked, doll baby.

She looks like her daddy, has her mommas spunk and the heart of a soldier.

She is a very passionate little girl.

When she sees wrong in the world, she wants to fix it.

Right then and there.

I take lessons in her confidence and I revel in her imagination.

I see my daughter and I having lunch at McAlisters and sharing a sugar cookie for many many years to come.

She is my missy moo and my smoochy.

She loves to call me her bestssss friend.

No matter what age or what she calls me, she will always be my little girl.

Happy Birthday Hannah Marie, you are the light that shines through my soul. And I thank God for you and your sparkle everyday of my life.




Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Blondie!

She is what she is because of you. You two will always be close. Cause you know how to do it!

Good mamma.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Beautiful post! She sounds like a special kid and a wonderful daughter. Love when kids call their parents their bestest friends!