Wednesday, May 6, 2009

120 of 365 memories....because my momma said so

We all love to here good things about our kids. Somethings you take in stride because you already know that they are THE BOMB good kids. Sometimes you are told little things that still make you want to shout out HALLELUJAH and high five yourself . Friday Brian and I went to see Hannah except her 2nd award this year for being (and I quote from her teacher) just an awesome and well rounded girl.

Jakob was chosen to say the Pledge of Allegiance for the award ceremony.

That afternoon one of the girls I work with (who was also at the awards ceremony) told me she overheard my son telling another boy in line who was nervous about going up on stage, that he should try and find one person to focus on and talk right to that person. And that he shouldn't forget to breath :)

She was so impressed with Jakob's kindness, when she made a comment to Jakob about it, he just smiled and said that's what my momma says to do.
I'm sorry, did he say his momma? Because you know most days, I'm walking around with my microphone patting on it, going UM excuse me, is this thing on?? Has any of a 1 of you heard one word I've said? (crickets chirping) What's that mom, it's time for dinner?! K be right up!!

My boy.....
I thank the Lord everyday for my many blessings he has given me. And knowing that their ears REALLY do work, is one of them.
16 days left!!!

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