Wednesday, May 6, 2009

121 of 365 memories....did you say a snake??

Jakob had a project to do on family pets this past week. His teacher informed him that he should
use his own family pets as his research and for his pictures. She was assuming his project was going to be about our family's love of, lets see dogs, cats, rabbits or possibly birds. Because you know that is what NORMAL people would use. Yeah no not my boy, his project was all about his love of his snakes.

He got an A on the project and I was also given an A by his teacher. She emailed me that afternoon and told me that God must have a special place for me in heaven because she couldn't do it.

If you know my husband, then you know where he gets the sickness love from!!!

What'cha gonna do!!


Elizabeth said...

(Paralyzed with fear and the heebie jeebies)

You are one hell of a woman!

If I ever want to send Snowball the hamster to the great beyond, I'm sure we could work out a deal.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I see snakes in my future too. My 2 year old loves them...lucky for him I don't mind them.



Great job Jakob!