Thursday, May 7, 2009

122 of 365 memories....their going on a bear hunt

OK well not really a bear hunt but it sounded cute. Alex and Brian left at the bright and early time of 5:15 this morning to head down to Tybee Island. It's about 5 hours away from us. This is for Alex's big 7th grade field trip. They will be back tomorrow night.
My poor husband left Tuesday morning (bright and early) for New York, Wednesday they drove from New York to Boston, then flew home last night and got in after 11:00 p.m, only to wake up and chaperone 4 13 year olds for the next 2 days.
Father of the Year is his for sure!!
I'm excited for Brian and Alex to spend this time together with no other interruptions (except maybe my husbands crack berry).
Back on the home front, Jakob has strep throat (yes I know, what else is new) His fever has finally started to come down, he was at 103 with Motrin in him since yesterday.
THANK GOD for antibiotics!!
Oh and did I mention 15 days LEFT!!


I'm just me... said...

Your hubby deserves a medal for this one! I hope they have a great time!! Poor Jacob, strep throat is the worst!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, hope Brian and Darren high fived each other in the Boston airport. Wouldn't that have been funny if somehow these two strangers started talking...

Hope Jakob is feeling better. I just finished cleaning up the Amoxicillin stains from the carpet. You'd think somehow I'd remember that Strep+Antibiotics=hurling in our house.

Brian is a great dad all around. You deserve such a prince!!