Thursday, May 7, 2009

123 of 365 memories....maybe Kleenex should just give me a deal

We were invited to Hannah's classroom for a Mother's Day Tea today.

She has been talking about this for some time now and was SO EXCITED this morning as she was getting dressed. Yesterday she said, you know mom were going to sing songs but I'm not telling you any of the words. Oh OK I said, I can't wait to hear them.

So today after they sang and we munched on fruit and muffins, Hannah and I walked over to Jakob's classroom to tell his teacher about his sickness.

As we were walking back she said, did you hear the part when we spelled out M - O - T - H - E - R and the things we said to go with each letter? Yes I sure did ( I was hoping this wasn't a test because I didn't remember what each letter was)

Well my girl says, I told Ms. Basel (her teacher) the M should be for MUCH because that is the only way I can say how MUCH I love you and how MUCH your MY mommy (I HAD NO KLEENEX ON ME!!)
I mean I know your Alex and Jakob's mom too but your MY MOMMY!

That little girl gave me my Mother's Day present a few days early.

There is no card or amount of money that can make me feel the way that little girl did.

THANK YOU Hannah Marie, one day you will look back on this post when you are someones MOMMY and hold your heart in your hands, just like I did today when I was holding on to you.



I'm just me... said...

How sweet!

How great is it when your kid lets you know what a great parent you really are!?

Elizabeth said...

She's so incredible!

So glad that you appreciate these things. Some people miss out on it!

Sharon said...

When my eldest did her first dance recital all my friends said, "Take a Kleenex," and me being macho woman said, "No way." At REHEARSAL, the song before my sweetie was Thank Heaven for Little Girls and I lost it and I don't think I'll ever regain it.

Kristin said...

Oh how sweet!!! What a wonderful day. :)