Thursday, May 14, 2009

128 of 365 memories...just a little piece

Alex and Brian had a great trip together over the weekend at Tybee Island. I think in the end they both came back with a new appreciation for each other.

Alex told me that all the kids and teachers were impressed with him and his daddy not being afraid to hold everything and sometimes even go out into the water and try and retrieve creatures things.

That's my boys!!

He also informed me that he missed me and he didn't think that he was going to.

"You know mom not to be mean or anything," he says.

"But I thought that I would just be like oh OK I will see her tomorrow. But then tomorrow took a long time :)"

Maybe just maybe he also came back with a new appreciation for his momma also.

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What is that creature? He sounds like Cam....he says he will never go to college or get married bc he will miss me to much. Ahhhhh, I love him back!