Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother (in law)

My mother in law and I are 2 completely different people from the outside looking in.

She is a little person, all of about 4'8.

I am 5'8.

She is a very soft spoken easy going person.

And well soft spoken is not an adjective that has every been used to describe me :)

In all the 18 years I've known her she has never doubted herself, at least not out loud.

Me well just in case you didn't know my name is Heidi Doubt Johnson, nice to meet you.

In the last few years when I think back on things I realize that I have learned so much from this woman.

I've always liked her, she is one of the sweetest people and non judgemental people I've ever known. And then after a few years that like and respect turned into love.

Throughout the years we have had some disagreements about things and then talked about them and moved on. (that was a foreign concept to me)

I rehash things in my head over and over and then one day I just stopped and I never really knew why.

I know this isn't really making any sense, I'm trying, really I am!!

My mother in law has never judged me. When she has had good reason to before. I wasn't this polished shiny coin that had her head on straight and knew what life had in store back then.

And I THANK her for that.

She liked that I didn't put up with her sons nonsense and adored him for more than his cute dimples and nice car. And she knew that right from the beginning.

And I THANK her for that.

She told me a LONG time ago, that taking time for myself wasn't a bad thing. And even though I didn't listen back then.

I THANK her for that now.

And in return, I have given her 3 wonderfully delicious grandchildren and loved her son unconditionally (which hasn't always been easy :)

And for that she has THANKED me.

This Sunday on Mother's Day I was a little down because I couldn't be with my momma and also because after HOW MANY YEARS TOGETHER 14 Mother's Days my poor husband still doesn't get it!!

But after the evening of relaxing with my in laws and enjoying not having to DO anything FOR anyone and not having to ask NOT to DO anything FOR anyone, my day was better.

My boys threw the baseball with their paw paw and daddy and my daughter got to swing while my mother in law and I chatted and watched her.

Thanks Ms. C and Mr. J.

Thank You for always loving me.

Thank You for never making me feel crazy when I probably was :)

And most of all Thank You for giving me the greatest gift you ever could have, your baby boy. Even if I did want to hurt him Sunday !!


Mel said...

I feel you. Sorry you had a hard day. I wanted to hurt my husband too. What is wrong with them? He chose that day to tell me what I was doing wrong?!

Elizabeth said...

Oh NO. I'm just catching up here, but do I have to open up a good old case of Minnesota Whoop Ass? (I have several in reserve?)

This is so beautifully written. I hope your MIL sees it!