Thursday, May 21, 2009

135 of 365 least they were cute shoes.

daddy and his girl

don't even let this angelic face fool you, this smile is because I threatened bodily harm :)

Jakob was fading fast!

Strike 1

Strike 2
So I ask my son, "son what can I take a picture of ?"

"our feet " he tells me with a bit of a smart mouth, so I did just that!!
"Seriously mom did you just take a picture of our feet?"
Seriously son I did :)

he was gone by the 7th inning stretch!!

After Jakob's track meet on Saturday we took the kids to a Braves game. This was our first one of the season. They lost horribly, like REALLY horribly. Poor Alex, he loves the Braves and gets so upset when they lose. And not to mention there was this crazy lady who tried to take a few pictures of him and finally gave up and took pictures of his shoes, hopefully she won't be there next time :)

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