Saturday, May 23, 2009

136 of 365 memories...a waxy build up

Jakob's class put on an interactive wax museum this week. Each child had to research and do a report on a person that helped shape the future of our country. Then they had to dress the part and act as if they were really that person. In order to get the person to come to life you had to drop a penny in their cup, the money that was raised is going to the local human society....LOVE IT!!

Jakob was Jesse Owens, Jesse Owens was the first American to win four Olympic gold medals in track and field. Jakob enjoyed learning about this very special man who helped change the sport of Track and Field. And of course I enjoyed watching my boy tell me what he learned!


I'm just me... said...

What a neat idea!!

Elizabeth said...

Our school did this too!

Sam was Orville Wright. It was so much fun.