Tuesday, May 26, 2009

140 of 365 memories...happy days for a 13 year old

Yes, we did it! Alex is now the proud owner of a cell phone.
WHY? you ask does a 13 year old need a cell phone? I know, I think it is really silly myself.
But I also thought it was time :)
Alex has had an AMAZING year at school. He has been accepted into the gifted program for his 8th grade year, with 2 9th grade classes also. He has (on his own) lined up a few babysitting jobs for the summer, will be volunteering at the local elementary school with their safety town program and be helping me 3 weeks at bible camp.

Let's just say that he has proved LOTS of things this school year. And one of them is that he is very comfortable with who he is turning into and he is not easily derailed....YEAH!!!
At this age, he has been tempted to go off his path and he has 1) talked to me about these issues and 2) used his own judgement into how to handle himself.

PROUD, can not even begin to tell you how I feel about my teenage son....


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I'm just me... said...

He really is something to be proud of!!

Good parenting gives you good kids! I say way to go mamma and dad!