Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ramblings of thankfulness

We are in countdown mode for the last week of school. I had my last "official day" on Friday and this week is just cleaning out the classrooms. The kids have until FRIDAY!!!

The end of the year is always so EXCITING, as is the beginning and then all the holidays and EVERYTHING in between. I guess I'm always just looking forward to each day that God gives me. Whether difficult, fun, sad, lost, energizing or boring. I'm just happy to be able to feel them and process those emotions as different as they all are.

I heard a commercial the other day and the beginning of it said, "sometimes you have to leave everything you know, in order to find yourself". I wish I would of had one of those fancy Tivo things, to rewind it. Because I could of listened to it over and over again.
I loved it and really those are the words that I have been feeling for sometime now and just haven't been able to put them to paper (or keyboard:)

I have been writing down little tid bits for my kids and 2 of them I hope (god forbid if anything ever happened to me) I would want them to remember more than anything...


what more could a mother want??

Each school year that closes and then opens up another chapter in our lives, makes me even more thankful to be these 3 little creatures mother and share in their journey to greatness.

And every year that passes is a little sad wrapped up in a whole lot happy.
Sad that our time together seems to be running faster than the tooth brushing timer I set for my daughter in the mornings but happy that Brian and I get to share in the wonderfulness of our 3 big footed offspring.

I hope everyone can find one thing, just one, each and everyday to be happy for.
I mean because really just waking up is a blessing :)

OH YEAH and 3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!


Denise said...

They grow up so fast, it's amazing. I was at Jenna's Family Night in her class tonight and her teacher showed photos from the year. Jenna looked so much younger when she started last fall. Where did my baby go?

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Wait a sec! You don't have a tivo?!?!? How have you survived this long without it?

Okay, I actually go more out of your beautiful post than that...

It's amazing how fast time flies, how much they change. And the fact that we get to witness their growth so closely and intimately is something to truly be thankful for...
Well, that and tivo! ;)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Stop by my place when you get a chance for some awards and tags!