Friday, June 5, 2009

150 of 365 3 of our summer break!

the numbing medicine worked like a CHARM!!
my brave girl!!

The first week of summer vacation has come to an end and as uneventful as I thought it was going to be, well all I can say is, MAN WAS I WRONG!!

Brian left for the week for business in New York and I was planning a low key week of fun.

On Tuesday my girlfriend Stacey did not come to visit like we had planned for a month now. She freaked out when she got to the airport. I'm not going down this road again, so lets just say, she gets scared easily and we were ALL very disappointed.

Then on Wednesday we were having a fun day at the subdivision pool when, BAM and I really do mean BAM! Hannah jammed her chin into the side of the pool.
We had to check for neck or jaw damage, because of the impact and a little bit of swelling that happened right after (thank god there was none!) She received 4 stitches in her little chin but was a trooper through the whole 4 hour process.

So I'm praying to the summer Gods that were done with all the craziness for the next 7 weeks and can just enjoy our days in the sun, after my babies stitches are removed of course!


I'm just me... said...

The poor girl!!!

Denise said...

Poor baby! Poor Heidi! May the rest of summer be uneventful. Speaking of events, did you get a ticket to BlogHer?

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Let's hope that's the end of your kiddos' summer injuries! What a brave girl!