Wednesday, June 17, 2009

162 of 365 memories...when the walls coming tumbling down.

Alex has always loved magic. He asked for his first magic set when he was 3 and pretty much memorized all the tricks in the first couple of days. As he has gotten older he doesn't really fool with it to much anymore. A few years ago he decided he was going to teach himself to juggle. And of course in true Alex style, he learned fast and became VERY good!
The other night during our 17th sleepover of the summer, Alex and his friend decided to build card houses. The 2 of them actually did really well. Jakob decided to join them and started off really well but as soon as his first house fell he was done. Alex and Blake kept it up for a few hours, each time saying how awesome the other was doing and then all together "OH MAN" when it would fall apart.
The simple life is so UNDER rated!!

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