Saturday, June 20, 2009

167 of 365 memories... NO not the suitcases!!

Were headed out for our week at the beach in the morning, after we make a pit stop for a certain little boy to run his 1500 meter race in the State Championship!!

When I took the suitcases out the other evening the dogs went into panic mode. They do not like to see the cases. So they have been very pissy mopey the last few days.

Oh well, they have the best neighbor and dog sitter ever known to man watching them, so I know they are in good hands.

Beach or bust baby!!


The Hughes Family said...

Our cat is the same way. Whenever we get the suitcases out, he will go hide under the guest bed, which is a king, and position himself in the middle, where he is out of arms reach. This is where he goes when he is on strike!

Elizabeth said...

That's so funny. Our dogs went to a new kennel this past weekend. I was a Nervous Nellie until I saw where they were staying. Sheesh. Dog condo anyone?

Hope you are having a fantastic time!

Take lots of pictures (as if I need say that!)