Sunday, June 21, 2009

168 of 365 memories...Father's Day

NO, she's not a daddy's girl :)

my 4 reasons for being!!

the goodies!!

me and my man!

nothing but love in those eyes!

We celebrated Father's Day a day early this year.

Because the majority of our Sunday will be spend driving to Pensacola!!

Hannah and I made daddy's favorite lemon bundt cake and I grilled hamburgers. We took a little time out of our packing to sit around the table and relax!!

Within the thousands of reasons why I love my husband so, being an amazingly dedicated father is top of my list.

He is OUR rock and I am so truly blessed to have 3 babies with this amazing man!!


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Elizabeth said...

You made me cry!

This is such a beautiful post.

Can't wait to read your column in Parents (or the NY Times!)