Monday, June 15, 2009

getting my ducks in a row

We are leaving Sunday for Pensacola! One week of fun in the sun, drinks by the pool, sand castles on the beach, drinks by the pool, fishing for my boys, drinks by the pool, no make up wearing for 6 days. And did I mention drinks by the pool :)

Before our fun in the sun starts, Alex has Safety Town volunteering all week, I have to take my placement tests for school and Jakob has his State Competition for the 800 meter and the 1500 meter Friday and Sunday. If he places in either one of those, then were off to Maryland the weekend after Fourth of July.

I have started to pack my groceries (and I mean my REAL groceries, not the ones that the lady in Target saw :)

Clothes are always packed at like midnight the night before we leave. I don't stress over packing, never had. When my kids were little, it was just basically pack the necessities and the rest they won't even know that it is gone.

Now it is even more laid back, ESPECIALLY for the beach.

Bathing suits....CHECK


floating tubs....CHECK

Were ready to go!!

OH and did I mention that were going with 4 other families?

Oh and did I also fail to mention, that were all staying in the same house??

That would be 10 adults....

aren't we a cute bunch!

And 9 children.....

even cuter when we have our babies!

yes, that's 19 true Louisiana blood people in one house for a week.

Now do you see why there were SO many references to drinks by the pool!!

I have talked about my Louisiana crew many times on here, most of them are bloggers also, HEY Y'ALL!!

Each one of us, left our homes, families and pretty much EVERYTHING we all knew to move here after hurricane Katrina.

Each one of us is so very different from the next but in true New Orleans fashion we are a family.

We can talk about our family but YOU better not even think about it :)

I am excited for this trip, my kids are BEYOND ready to get out of Woodstock and get some sand stuck in some hard to reach places.

I'm hoping to come back with some good tan lines, a few extra pounds around the bottom area and some really good memories made with some really WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS peeps!!


I'm just me... said...

Sounds like a great time!!! Have fun!!!!!

Denise said...

Have an AWESOME time!!! I'm completely jealous, but not as jealous as I would have been several days ago!

Elizabeth said...

How fun!

Can't wait to hear about all the memory making!