Monday, July 27, 2009

182 of 365 memories...returning visitors

We get this same bird on our porch every year. Let me rephrase that, we get the same KIND of bird every year. Of course Hannah thinks it's the same bird and well I'm in the business of letting dreams be dreams and so IT'S THE SAME BIRD PEOPLE!

if you look closely you can see the beak of the baby under the mother's foot. I had to take these through my dining room window, so this is as close as we can get.

They make a mess on our porch but the excitement we get when we hear the chirp chirp chirp after they hatch is so worth the clean up. I asked Hannah the other day to think about all the momma bird goes through to get her nest ready for her babies and then the life she gives them once they are here.
And I told her I would much rather be a human momma, I think.
She said (with her eyes beaming like 2 blue marbles in her head) but mom one thing different is that momma gets to fly!
How right is she, through the eyes of babes!

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Elizabeth said...

Want to amaze your daughter?

Tell her that THAT bird comes to my house in the winter! (We have em here in the summer too, but more in the winter. So, it's got to be true!)

Google map your town to Shoreview, Minnesota so she can see how far it flies!