Monday, July 27, 2009

183 of 365 memories...a little taste of my childhood

in Woodstock, Georgia and there GOOD!!
decisions decisions
loving the snowballs!
getting to share green, red and blue lips with good friends
This New Orleans girl, loves to share the goodness with her Georgia peach :)

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Elizabeth said...

I just won $5. I told my son it snowed in New Orleans and he didn't believe me!

Now really, I thought being New Orleans and all it would have been someone selling deep fried goodness with some coconut on it or something. Or maybe cone of crab meat (that sounds gross).

OK, I've been hopping all over your blog posting comments. This avoiding the laundry pile has got to stop somewhere. Catch you later Heidi.

Thinking about you today on the first day back for the kids.