Tuesday, July 28, 2009

185 of 365 memories...my sweet tea therapy

You know how you have certain friends in your life that God has put there for 1 specific reason?
Sometimes you really don't understand that 1 specific reason right away.
Sometimes it takes many many months or years. Sometimes it takes a crisis, sometimes it takes lots of drunkenness together. Or sometimes there's no 1 specific reason, but lots and lots of reasons.

God has put this little lady in my life for SO MANY reasons. Most of which if I told you all, well I would have to kill you but what I can tell you is she is my partner in crime, my sweet tea companion and keeper of my Georgia heart. She loves me and all my silliness, all of my miss pronunciations and all of my sauciness.

Lena, just in case I ever forget to tell you, please know that my life and my children's lives have been greatly enriched by knowing you and your babies. Living in Georgia has been an easier transition because you have always made me feel like I'm where I need to be.

You challenge me to be the best Heidi that I can be and I will FOREVER be thankful to you for that!

I love you sista and I will continue on, know matter where I am :)

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