Wednesday, July 29, 2009

186 of 365 memories...the many faces of my girl

checking out her board
getting ready
to go
getting ready
to fly
From the moment my daughter was born there has been nothing about her that is a "typical" little girl. As she is growing into her own little self she amazes me more and more each day.
The other day she came in and told me she was going to skateboard down at the end of our street (the flat part) by her brothers.
Have fun and be safe I tell her.
A few minutes later when I check on her, I was totally expecting to see her shuffling around on the board. And to my surprise she was REALLY riding it. Popping it up at the end of her ride and everything.
Her brothers even made a few (nice) comments to her that night at dinner.
When I tell her about how she can change the world with just her brain and her smile, I will have to add and your skateboard, to that now :)