Friday, July 3, 2009

Help!! I've paid for extra storage and I can't set it up!!

I need help bloggers! On Sunday as I was trying to post pictures and blog about the rest of our beach trip I got an error message telling me that I reached my limited on "free" space for Picasa and I needed to order more space.

So the next day I went through all the motions and ordered and paid for my extra storage on Picasa.

I got my confirmation code, waited 24 hours, signed out and then in to gmail and blogger and NOTHING happened. I still get the error message. My extra storage is in my account but I still can't upload pictures to blogger!

I have contacted the help desk but no help from them yet, I was wondering if anyone else had this happen??

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Elizabeth said...

Hey Girl,

I just upload them directly from my laptop.

But, here's what I would do, first search for your problem on Google and you might find out that there's a glitch and/or how to fix it.

Second, does Picasa have a live chat or help line? Pester 'em! There's a Dude named Jon in India who just loves me on the Dell live chat!

Oh, and check and see if your card or bank account was charged so you can say, "Hey, you charged me and now I've been unable to use your services for _____ hours. I'd like credit for that!"

I'm a customer service rep's nightmare, but I'm nice and I get what I want.

Now, why did I comment here and not just send you an email. No time to cut and paste, have to go clean up the mess the tiler left.

Good luck. Email me if you're still having trouble, I'd be happy to pester them for you! :)