Sunday, June 28, 2009

170 of 365 memories...does the tooth fairy visit the Gulf Of Mexico?

On our last evening of our beach vacation we took the kids to the local souvenir shop. Coming home without a tacky memorable item was not an option. Hannah had talked for some time about getting a shark tooth necklace. So off we went to find the cutest necklace in Gulf Breeze. We found one and I have to say that even though it is from the creature that scares the BE JEEZZUUSS out of me, it pretty cute :)

My boys also found necklaces with (what else) a sharks tooth on them.

All 3 kids got their item and everyone was happy. That evening when I was getting Hannah dressed for bed she asked me, "mom does the tooth fairy visit the sharks?"
"And mom why didn't you get a souvenir?"

"I don't know if the tooth fairy visits the sharks, maybe we can google it :) and I don't need a souvenir baby, that's for you and your brothers." I told her.

"But how will you remember the trip if you don't have a souvenir?"

You don't worry about me girl, momma's got lots of memories!!


Kristin said...

And memories and pictures are the best souveniers, aren't they?

Elizabeth said...

God you're good! (pass the Kleenex)