Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ready Or Not, Here I Jump!

I shared with you all here, a little bit of what happened when I went to take my college placement tests 2 weeks ago. (I still get a little giggly when I say college placement and my in the same sentence).

First off, I got there WAY to early so I had a lot of standing around and fidgeting thinking time. Which for me, is not always a good thing.

There were 2 other people there, young boys, they looked like they had just graduated high school. I was impressed thinking man I'm not the only eager one here 45 minutes early.

And as I stood there more and more people slowly trickled in. I walked off a few times and would come back and stand in the same spot on the wall. Most of the kids were sitting on the floor, for me this was not really an option because I had a skirt on and also because my right knee is shot and getting down is a lot easier than getting up :)

As the minutes were SLLLOOOWWWLLLYYY ticking by, I stood there playing around on my phone. The screen of my phone turns into a mirror when its in standby mode. I moved it from my pocket to my hand and when I did I notice a light suddenly reflect off of it, like a prism or (A MIRROR). So I look down suddenly, only to see one of the 2 boys that had been there from the beginning with me, suddenly slide his hand back towards him with his phone in it. He is now sitting on the floor ever so closely to where I was standing. And his phone happen to be one just like my phone, you know the one that turns into a MIRROR when it is in standby mode!

I look at him and asked"is that a mirror?"

"What, NO", the little pervert says.

"Is your phone a SHINE?" I asked with my voice slightly raising.

"NO!" as he slips his hand in his pocket.

I moved myself over to another wall, where one of the girls looked like she played the game of, how many piercings can I put on my face to REALLY piss off my parents?

And another boy looked like he was one of the Jonas Brothers, the cute one.

I'm thinking to myself what in the hell have you gotten yourself into old lady?!!

It didn't matter....

Was I the oldest? YEP

Was I the only one that looked like they had showered that week day? YEP

Was I the only one that could say I birthed 3 human beings, knew what year Alf debuted and was a REAL Madonna fan, you know when she was the REAL Madonna? YEP

But none of that matter, I'm jumping out of my comfort zone.

I took my tests, I had no idea what the Math was (which I knew was going to be hard). They tested me on college Math and when I was in high school I never saw a problem that looked like

Which of the following expressions represents the product of 3 less than twice x and 2 more than the quantity 3 times x ?

A. –6x2 + 25x + 6

B. 6x2 + 5x + 6

C. 6x2 – 5x + 6

D. 6x2 – 5x – 6

E. 6x2 – 13x – 6

And if you know the answer, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

My results are remedial Math and that's it. I tested out of English and Writing, so I'm free to take any of those classes that I want.

I'm going to meet with an advisor in 2 weeks and then orientation is at the end of July. There I will register for my classes and then start August 15th.

I'm probably only going to take 6 hours (2 classes) just to start and see how I do with that.

Did I mention I'm SUPER EXCITED!!

I'm at such a good place in life right now and have been for awhile. It's like every year I'm letting another piece of my puzzle fall into place. I'm not forcing it or twisting it around to make it fit. Some pieces have taken longer than others to work but all my edges are done and I'm filling in the middle.

I'm ready....

I'm ready to jump.....

With no chute....


Michelle said...

Congratulations! College is a big undertaking and a huge accomplishment when you finish. I started when my oldest was 1 year old and it is still one of the things in my life I am very proud of!

Best of luck!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy for you!

(And you lost me on the math. I think my dog ate my mathbook)

Kathy said...

What a great gift you have! I checked out your blog after I saw your FB post this morning . . . I feel like I'm "lurking" so I wanted to let you know I'm here! Your writing is entertaining, funny, and touching. Hope to hear more about your college adventure -you are going to do great. Talk to you soon,
Kathy Marchetti :O)