Sunday, August 2, 2009

193 of 365 memories...I think I've taken this picture before!

(sigh) Were back to school tomorrow.

The kids are bathed, school bags are packed, lunches are made, the alarm clocks are set and its only 8:09 pm and the sun is still dancing around our windows and teasing my kids.

But they know the drill, 8:30 will be here and my house will be quite. (BOOO!)

And then tomorrow will come and my 2nd grader, 5th grader and 8th grader will be off to their next adventure in life. Tonight the boys and I talked about their excitement (Jakob's going to a new school), their nerves (Alex's is always wondering if he is going to remember his locker combination) and just how much they LOVE their momma and NEVER are going to leave her. (Oh wait that was my daydream, sorry)

I'm expecting a few butterfly tummies, tears and long hugs good bye in the morning.

Their expecting that their mother will (try) to keep it together and sniff through her camera lens :)

I think were all expecting to make some memories!


Elizabeth said...

Bittersweet, isn't it.

I love that picture.

Have I been reading your blog that long? I think I do remember a similar one?

Have a great day. Hit that sweet tea. (Lord I miss it. Midwesterners do not know how to do it and that stuff in the jugs at the market? gag)

Brandy said...

Already? Wow, and I thought the teen had it bad. Our county goes back on August the 19, while the city kids don't go back until after Labor Day.

The teen will be starting his senior year...eeek!

Kristin said...

I had no idea your county started today! Wow. Our teachers start back on Wednesday...thanks to the furlough days. Kids on Friday.

So glad to hear, via FB, that they had good days!!!

Lindsey's mom said...

Have a good first day! We just have registration so I go back to work tomorrow but the kids dont start till Aug 19 grade2-12 and Aug 25 grade k-1. You all start early!!