Tuesday, August 4, 2009

194 of 365 memories...and their OFF!!

The kids started back up to "the real world" yesterday.

The morning started off very EARLY (5:50 am) and by bed time last night, they were ALL ready to visit the inside of their eyelids (including momma :)

Were in 3 DIFFERENT schools now and will be until the boys are Seniors and Freshman in high school (really did I just write that? (GULP) SENIORS and (SIGH) FRESHMAN!!)

3 different schools, means 3 different bus times, that part is not so fun.

But in true Johnson fashion, it will be FINE :)

Jakob and I start off our day around 5:50 am and believe me

I'm NO where as cute as he is at this time in the morning!

Off to 5th grade he goes!!

Alex gets to sleep a bit later this year, his bus comes 30 minutes AFTER Jakob's.

(And for the record this is a RARE glimpse at Alex's REAL smile)

8th grade here he comes!!

And then of course there is this little beauty!

(Check out those sandals, sometimes I just have to let go!)

2nd grade is looking good for her!

All the kids had a great day back to school and momma

had BOO HOO breakfast and then a shopping date with Ms. Lena!

I have 2 weeks with NO kids and NO school, lord help the sweet tea industry!!

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Elizabeth said...

You are tooooooo much!

Love the pictures.

(And Alex's REAL smile--love it!)