Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BLIZZARDS projected for the Atlanta area!!

My big boy had his annual check up today.

And no, I don't mean like "oh look at mommies big boy he went poopie on the potty", we've been there and done that. Alex is a very kind and patient young man living with me :)
but I don't think I could get away with that.

What I mean is MY kid is a BIG kid, a YOUNG man, a TEENager, a FUTURE adult.
He is healthy, he is happy and praise the lord he has HORMONES!!

The key word in all of this is HEALTHY!!

While we were sitting in the doctors office which seemed like it took HOURS, I checked my emails on my phone. Then my "big boy" politely pointed to a sign that said, "please refrain from using cell phones while in the building".WHOOPS, MY BAD!

But before I got busted by the hormone police, I read an email from the Public Relations Specialist at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

She was emailing me, asking if I would pass along this TOTALLY AWESOME opportunity that most of us have to help sick children in our areas. Not just the Atlanta area, ALL OVER!

On this Thursday August the13th, Dairy Queen is having a Miracle Treat Day.

Buy a Blizzard treat on that day and the proceeds go to your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. If you click here you can find out all about it and also you can find the Diary Queen that is closest to you and if they are participating.

I've never (THANK YOU LORD) had to use the Children's Miracle Network, but I know a few families that have. And just to know that if (god forbid) we ever needed them there here for us, no ifs ands or buts about it, is a WONDERFUL feeling.

At the end of the day, I'm thankful to have 3 children that are HEALTHY, HAPPY and ALL MINE and I'm even happier that I have an EXCUSE to enjoy a Blizzard from Diary Queen on Thursday August 13th!!

I'll be posting my pictures of our BLIZZARDS that evening.

To all my blogging buddies, post this on your blogs girls, lets get the word out!!

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