Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a little chitty chat goes a long way!

Were into our second week of the new school year. And as much as it makes me a little crazy having 3 different schools to keep up with this year, one thing that has been really nice, is the one on one time with each child.

I always try and set aside certain times where only one of them come with me to do certain things and I've also been known to occasionally hog tie pull one of my children out onto the back porch and make them listen to the crickets and watch lightning bugs with me, ALL BY THEMSELVES! I know the HORROR!

But in more times than not, it's me and 3 children and sometimes I can hear them and well sometimes I don't listen can't.

So the morning times have been PERFECT for me to get a little "it's all about you" time with each child individually.

Jakob and I had breakfast together on the back porch this morning. At 6:00 am the breeze was perfect, my coffee was hot, his bagel was toasty and our conversation was AWESOME. That boy is a talker (yes, I know where he gets it from :)!

Got him on the bus at 6:30 and I followed it up with a chat with Alex at the kitchen table. Just him and I, chitty chatting. About ABSOLUTELY nothing and I loved it.

He gets on his bus at 7:15 and then comes little Ms. THANG!! My partner in crime. Her and I spend more time together than anyone else because she LOVES to BE and DO EVERYTHING that her momma does. Lucky for me, I LOVE IT!

We had a little talkie poo about her loose tooth and her skin peeling on her toe. Hey I'm not picky about the talks, it just ALL ABOUT THEM!

Then I walk her down to her bus for 8:00 and my day starts.....

I've heard lots of little sayings about "the family that prays together stays together" and "the family that cooks together stays together" and I'm assuming that "the family that chitty chats about mostly nothing" stays together too.

As long as there's no sayings that go, "if your mom checks you out early for a doctors appointment and has to look around to see which school shes at and THEN remembers which child she is checking out and then can't remember that child's yes the one that I forgot their name! homeroom teachers name, that means that she has to wear the big L loser on her forehead, then I'm good.

Not to me of course, it was a friend of a friend :)

Hey no judging here people, I said I was enjoying the time together that the 3 different schools allotted us, I didn't say I mastered the process yet!


Elizabeth said...

You're too much.

Three schools. Oh my.

What does it mean then when I forgot to pick up my one and only a couple of years ago?


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Such a sweet post...sounds like you are a lucky mama to get some quality alone time with your kids...and they seem pretty lucky too!