Tuesday, August 18, 2009

maybe just a pain in my right cheek

Today was one of those days where I know why I only had 3 children. And the 3 that I have are SLLLOWWWY going to kill me.

Before I start with that, let me say that I had a very nice first day of school. Thanks to you all who sent me emails and comments on Facebook!!
My dogs dug out of our yard right before I was leaving for my class and as soon as all 3 of the kids got home together they started with the mom, he is doing this and mom she is doing that and I'm all like HELLLO, remember me? mom? the lady that has dedicated the last 13 years of her life to you all? REMEMBER today was MY day!! Yea no, they didn't remember. They wanted me to make the other ones go away and most importantly they wanted a snack :)

There homework is killing them and then of course who else do they scream to call when something is killing them, MOMMMMM!

I told them all tonight at dinner, that I have officially changed my name and none of them have been given the privilege to know what it is.

Alex does his homework in his room, Jakob at the dining room table and Hannah at the kitchen table.

This year all 3 of them have REAL homework. That they all 3 need REAL help with. And there my friends is where I'm about to go a little nutty.

Let's just PRETEND that I know what Alex is doing at school, PRETEND would be the key word. He does his work and then asks me to help him study his challenge words, words like extemporaneous - done or made without much or any preparation, speaking or performing with little or no advance preparation. We go over that little jewel and about 700  55  more just like it.Next can I help him study his Spanish, I explain to him that I barely speak English correctly, so what makes him think that I can do Spanish. Just read off my paper mom, he says. ME NO SPEAK NO ENGLISH, I say. He gives me the eyes and says MOM and then I agree to play nice.

Next comes Jakob, mom what kind of graph is this? He shows me a blank box. (A blank box people!) Mind reading has never been my specialty, so I'm going with the big blank box graph. MOM, it's got to be one of these 4 graphs. Which one do you think it should be? Which ever one YOUR teacher taught you today that it should be :) We figure out the graph thing and then work on his words and then as were finishing he remembers he has some extra project thing that he needs to do and we need to make cookies for it. HELLOOO, my special day people!!

Then we have Hannah, her homework is (obviously) the easiest but on days like today, it's still a pain in the rump. She reads her story to me, she writes her Spelling words, we go over her Spelling words, we practice her address (she can not for the love of the lord remember our zip code), we do her Speech homework and then we go over her addition and subtraction flash cards.

I finish up dinner and start on preparing lunches for the next day.

We sit together and talk during dinner, we pray together before bed and I get to do it all over again tomorrow.
Pain in the butts and all, there mine and I wouldn't want it any other way :)


Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

No love on your special day?!?!?! The life of a mom...
Glad you had a great first day of school...

I am so not looking forward to helping the boys with homework one day!

Elizabeth said...

You are brilliant.

This is Parent magazine worthy. seriously.

You captured what we all want to say and think and feel and put into words and it was simply...


Denise said...

Pay backs baby, pay backs. When YOU get homework make them help YOU!