Tuesday, August 18, 2009

now children, play nice!

I am a Facebooker. I don't hide my addiction, I wear it like a badge of honor. I love the fact that I know when a person (that I haven't talked to since 8th grade) is getting a mani/pedi only after visiting with their momma and them at the store. I know, I lead a WILD and CRAZY life :)

Facebook has been a way for people that were important (for whatever reasons) at one time in my life to catch up with the Heidi that I am now.

My teenage years had nothing in them, that said I was going to grow up and become a very strong, confident, happily married, mother of 3.

I was wild and crazy and really didn't care what ANY one said.

I was also tall, skinny, bony knees and bad skin. The first time someone "friend ed" me on Facebook and it was someone from my younger years, I thought to myself, oh man, there probably thinking I'm a nut job! And then they get on my page, look at my pictures, read my status's and quickly realize that I'm NOTHING like the person I once was. The person who would do ANYTHING to make someone laugh, that would ALWAYS have to have the last word. And of course I've grown into my knees :)

I tell my kids all the time, the stuff you do as a teenager WILL stay with you ALL your life. The good, the bad and the knees!!

There was a girl that lived by me when we were growing up and she teased me mercilessly about how tall I was and how skinny I was and how pale I was and how I had no boobs. Let's just say there was NOTHING that she didn't tease me about. She recently friend ed me on Facebook and the fire in the pit of my stomach started to burn once again. She proceed to comment on how beautiful my kids were, how good I looked, how happy she was for me. And all my brain would do was go back to being a preteen and remembering how ugly she made me feel. I wanted to write on her wall and say REALLY REALLY, I look good? Because YOU DON'T!! You look like the boobs that you HAD back then (that I didn't have) are now visiting your ankles!! But I didn't, I put on my telephone voice and played nice.

I commented back saying yes, were very blessed to have 3 wonderfully delicious children and each other and we thank the lord each and everyday for our blessings. I told her her children looked like her (god bless them) and that she still looked the same :( no over doing it, just playing nice.

I pray that my kids never have one of these people in their lives, I know that they probably will but I hope that they have enough confidence to not let it get to them. It took me awhile and then I just ignored it, after I egged her house a couple of times :)

Did I mention I was little wild and crazy?!

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