Friday, September 4, 2009

Death by Algebra class (or flies), news at 11:00!

Have you seen the movie Ground Hog's Day with Bill Murray. Where he wakes up everyday and it's T H E S A M E D A Y! E V E R Y D A Y! During school days that is what it feels like. From morning (make 3 lunches, pack 2 snacks, fill 3 water bottles, who doesn't like syrup on their waffles) till night (who needs to eat dinner at 4 because of practice, is this orthodontist appointment a LONG one or a short one, write words, memorize multiplication facts, work on handwriting) Of course that's just the tip of the parent that's home with them ice burg :)

This week has been pretty much the same. Except for the fact that, on Tuesday my Algebra class almost killed me.

I'm SO not joking!!

At one point I promise you there were ( )'s and { }'s [ ]'s and exponents and negatives that magically turn positive just because my professor told us so, being hurled like poison tipped darts right at my temples! Shortly after I realized that it was just my headache, from what I'm assuming was me using parts of my brain that have been PERFECTLY happy living in the dark and also had grown quite accustomed to the cobwebs that were living there!

Oh and did I also mention that we had some fly visitors also.

Yes, I said FLY visitors.

One of my delightfully delicious children left the door open in our basement that leads outside, for oh lets just say a WHOLE DAY.

And at some point a BIG fly (like a horse fly but just not biting) came in and had some fun with another BIG fly and created the miracle of life right in my basement.

If your a fly lover then you might want to browse right over this part.....
We have been swatting, vacuuming, spraying, chasing, EVERY last one of those nasty suckers!!

As I'm sitting here typing, I dare to say it (but I think we got them) I'm checking over my shoulder as we speak to see if there is some sneak attack drill going on behind me.

I'll keep you all posted....

I guess in so many ways my life is like the Ground Hog movie and really I'm OK with it.

Having visions of Indiana Jones type Algebra classes and flies big enough to carry me away to Never Never Land, really aren't my style.

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Elizabeth said...

Can I tell you about my first college algebra class? I lasted 2 minutes. Our professor walked in with a giant slide rule and his zipper was down. And I'm not substituting slide rule for a part of his anatomy. He actually had made a giant tool for demonstration purposes.

My girlfriend and I fell out of our chairs laughing and never went back. We took another class later on from another prof.