Tuesday, October 6, 2009

219 of 365 memories...The Start Of Something Wonderful!

This weekend was a great way to start of the fall season, it was action packed and FULL of wonderful memories, just like we like it!! Friday we started off the weekend with Alex and the 8th grade band being asked to play with the high school kids at the high school football game. He didn't really want to go at first, I think he was a little intimated. He just switched over to the tuba after a very successful year of trombone, and hasn't quite got the full swing of things with his tuba. Brian and I agreed that this was something that we didn't want him to miss out on. He ended having a very good time. Except for the fact that his tuba felt liking it was crushing his intestines, he really did have fun :)

the drop off area was at the actual band room at the high school,
there was LOTS of nervous energy outside.

here comes my boy!!

Alex is in between the 2 big tubas. He looked so little out there with the high schoolers.

play it baby!!

I'm sure you were on the edge of your seats WAITING for a picture of this cutie:)

and this one too!

a smile for his momma!

this was on the backs of the shirts they gave the 8th graders, LOVE IT!!

We had such a great time.
The weather was PERFECT fall weather,
and of course a win for our team ALWAYS makes the evening end just right!

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Elizabeth said...

He is so precious!

What is it about boys and big instruments. Sam wants to play the upright bass now. It's 6 feet tall!